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Donna McCondichie

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Located in the House of Light

29 Jackson St

Newnan, GA 30263

Hello! I am the Gatekeeper! I am here to help you heal your body by scanning your body-field for possibility, clearing blocks, and coaching you to THRIVE!

Services Offered


BrainTap Techonology rebalances brain wave activity, allowing your brain to relax, rest, and reboot. As you're guided through various states of consciousness, you can change unwanted behaviors and habits, including those contributing to smoking, poor sleep habits and over-eating, all while helping you feel more relaxed and attentive, energetic, and motivated to succeed.

Lucia Light Therapy

The Lucia Nº03 offers the benefits of a very deep meditation, through accessing an expanded state of consciousness almost immediately. The light stimulates temporary harmonic brain wave patterns in the brain usually found in the brains of people who have been meditating for decades. The light helps the user access the Theta state as well as high Alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity, and high concentration. Lucia Light is a neurostimulator that combines flickering light with a constant light. This computer-controlled machine layers the lights by combining different speeds and intensities to guide your experience.

Quantum Sound Therapy

The RestStation Lounge uses sound therapy and vibration to relax and clear the body of stress and anxiety.


Reiki is a Japanese healing tradition which involves the practitioner lightly laying their hands on the receiver, or in some cases, hovering their hands over the body with no touch involved. Reiki is Divine Energy. The practitioner does not use their own energy, but instead channels this universal energy for highest good of the receiver. This spiritually guided life force energy helps the body to regain balance and promote healing by aligning the chakras. Reiki was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s and works by opening and aligning the chakras so energy can flow more readily through the body.

Shamanic Healing Journey

A powerful Transformation Healing Journey with drums, vibration, energy, and love.

Voice Code Analysis

Voice Code Sound Therapy is an approach to self-healing that uses the precise formulation and application of sound frequencies as a support to process emotional and psychological transformation. Recording a sample of your voice allows it to be analyzed to determine core issues best supportive measures.

Bioenergetic Wisdom with 4 Infoceuticals

An energetic body scan and consultation of blocks with 4 Infoceuticals and RestStation Lounge treatment. This is a scan of the energetic body field that controls our physical body. Infoceuticals are used to correct the distortions within the body-field.

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