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We are a collective of like-minded natural health care professionals dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey toward wellness.


Kristian Googe

GA Massage License #008997

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As a Transformation Catalyst, I am here to help you rediscover who you are meant to be so you can align with your individual blueprint of health and heal yourself.  Let go of the past, and take the next step on your healing journey today!

Vitality Wellness by Kris

Take the next step on your healing journey


Anahata Codes

Emotion/Body Code

Jin Shin Jyutsu



Massage Therapy

Specialty Massage:  Prenatal, TMJ, Oncology


Dawn Hinds

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ext. 104

As a holistic fitness and nutrition specialist, I am your guide to assist you in discovering the wellness solutions that work best for you. My philosophy is simple, 'A Better You Through Fitness & Food' is the foundation to achieving your wellness goals


A better you through fitness and food


Nutritional Consultations

Holistic Fitness

Hair Analysis

PEMF Therapy

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Donna McCondichie

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Hello! I am the Gatekeeper! I am here to help you heal your body by scanning your body-field for possibility, clearing blocks, and coaching you to THRIVE!

Gateway to Possibility


Quantum Sound Therapy

Shamanic Healing Journey



Lucia Light Therapy

Voice Code Analysis

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April Novoa

GA Massage License #001700

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ext. 102

As a healer I am not someone you go to for healing. I am someone who triggers your own innate and brilliant capacity to heal yourself. It's a journey that I am honored and privileged to walk with you!

Essential Matters Wellness

Teaching where to look, not what to see


Human Design Consultations

Integral Transformative Bodywork

Myofascial Release

Myoskeletal Alignment

Neuromuscular Therapy

Prenatal Massage

Swedish Massage


Valerie Roscoe

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ext. 103

New Paradigm Solutions

Changing the way you think about natural health


IonCleanse Foot Spa

Yoni Cleansing

Biofeedback Scans

As a Natural Health Professional, my motto is "Teaching You Where to Look, Not What to See." As individuals, we each have health challenges that are unique to us. My job is to inform you of the different ways you can tackle any issue using Herbs, Detoxification, and Bio-Feedback Technology. Let me help you change the way you THINK about natural health.

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Lisa Hartman

GA Massage License #012452

ext. 105

As a licensed massage therapist, I like to create a relaxed state in the body & mind while tending to my clients specific needs. I believe in the body's ability to heal itself & use various modalities of therapeutic massage & bodywork to assist in this process. Being able to use the best of my abilities... my hands, my heart, and my mind, has been a blessing for me. When work doesn't feel like work, you know you've found your true calling!

Massage by Lisa


Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Myofascial Techniques

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

Swedish Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

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